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Technology mapping
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Tool components

Map of enterprises

The map shows the locations of enterprises whose data was collected using a dedicated, automated form. Depending on the selected search category, the map will display markers showing the locations of enterprises meeting specific criteria. Detailed company data, such as contact information, production profile or technologies used, can be found on the “Enterprise card”.

Dictionary of technology

The dictionary provides definitions and descriptions of technological solutions that explain in an accessible way what the technologies are and how they are used. The entries are presented in the form of dictionary cards, which are linked to a map of companies – the dictionary card shows the locations of companies using the selected technologies.


What is technology mapping?

Technology mapping is a method which makes it possible to determine the current state of a selected technology by identifying, classifying and presenting data (including components, examples of use, and related entities) about it, which are then visualized, for example, in the form of a map.

This tool was created for the purpose of identifying companies in a given industry that use industry-specific technologies in their production processes and to gather knowledge about what these technologies are.

The use of the tool is expected to result in an increase in the technological competitiveness of Polish companies by creating conditions for their inclusion in global value chains, for example, by enabling easier creation of new business contacts.

Methodology and notes

As part of the pilot project “Technology Mapping in Cluster Enterprises,” data was collected on companies operating in the metalworking industry. Currently, the enterprise map contains the locations and descriptions of these companies, while the technology dictionary contains descriptions of technologies used in this industry.

Further development of the tool is planned. In the case of the map, the plan is to collect data on companies from different industries, as well as companies outside the clusters. In the case of the dictionary, it is planned to add new technology dictionaries associated with more mapped industries.

The project also produced two reports: an overview of international technology mapping projects and a proprietary technology mapping methodology. Both documents are available for download.

Research methodology

Data analysis

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